Mix & Match

Formal or casual look, you can always make it a 3 day-planned outfit. Pairing up simple tops to blazers, skirts to jackets, and colors to style giving the look more fashionable.
1.Rusty Match
Rusty colors are on trend so why not give it a try with another coral color. Using unique colors may appeal a pleasing and bold personality to people around you.
2. Anything with Teal
You can never go wrong with teal and brown when you’re achieving a vintage fashionable look. Both colors give a unique and strong mix of colors to separate you from the crowd.
3. Blazer Sizer
Always pair it up in a one-colored top to highlight the color and look of the blazer. Wear it with confidence like girl boss.
4. Playin’ with Neutrals
Neutral is every girl’s on-the-go mix & match outfit. It isn’t just an easy to prepare outfit but always compliments no matter what complexion you have.
5. Casually White
White jackets are always perfect for fashionable casual looks. Make sure to mix it up with vibrant but simple tops and bottoms to balance out the lightness of the jacket.