A Girl's Haven | New Look ♡

Hey loves, how are you doing? I hope that all of you are well and safe in your homes 🙏🏻

If you’re a front-liner and you’re reading this right now, I want to sincerely thank you for all your hard work and sacrifices during these trying times. You are definitely a hero! Again, a big thanks to you. ♡

It’s already late night and I decided to write and share something about our new look. When an idea or topic crosses my mind, I just have to write it in my notepad and make sure to share it because... why not? ✿

Anyway, it all started when something on my Facebook timeline caught my eye. Whenever I see something nice and creative on my feed, I always take screenshots and make sure to save them for future inspos! To this date, I don’t know how many links or photos I’ve saved in my phone. There are those that I’ve forgotten about their existence in my camera roll (who can relate to this?) but, there are those creative ideas that keep lingering in my mind!

And what caught my attention were the works of my grade school classmate and friend, Mayumi. She creates incredible Line Arts. (Yay, girl power!) To be honest, this is something new to me. I immediately contacted her and ask her to create a new look for A Girl’s Haven. During this Quarantine Period, I collaborated with strong women for our new collection, and that also gave me an idea for our new look. (I’ll write about this collaboration soon! 😉)

I told her that I wanted something new for A Girl’s Haven — something that reflects girl power, feminism and positivity. Since her specialty is line art, I wanted a picture of a woman with the words Girl’s Haven written on her. I told her that I want the words Girls and Haven to be part of the art itself — to make sure that we own the logo and to show our mission as a brand (to collaborate with women and make them feel beautiful, strong and confident about themselves). Crazy me lots of ideas, right? And... she actually did it! And she made not just one, but three logos for me! 💛

I’m so excited to share them with you —

Current colors we're crushin' on are White, Coral, Brown and Lilac.

Sharing the evolution of our logos too.
Made by: Me (Year 2012)

Made by my good friend, Bravewelle Madera ( Year 2013)
Made by my good friend, France Guilas (Year 2017)
We will still be using this logo together with our new line art logos.
At the end of the day, I just want every woman to see our brand not only as a simple, youthful and playful fashion brand — but also a brand that can help and empower women and build up their confidence.

By the way, you may contact @itsyumisea on Instagram if you’re interested about line arts too!

That’s all for now! Have a good night, loves! ♥

Much love,
Rem B.